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 As long as Fernando has a steering wheel in his hand he's always there, so never discount Fernando   Mark Webber says Fernando Alonso will still be a threat even if Ferrari is off the pace at the start of the season February 24, 2012

 We have a couple of candidates, hot candidates, but nothing is decided yet!   Sebastian Vettel admits he is not fully prepared for the new season yet, because he hasn't named his RB8 February 6, 2012

 Our car is not as ugly as the Ferrari    If only it was a beauty contest ... Red Bull's Helmut Marko offers a pre-launch opinion on the rivals' aesthetics February 5, 2012

 Shit idea   Mark Webber gives his opinion on the possibility of Spa alternating with Paul Ricard in the future January 11, 2012

 It's like a child being born. I'm not a father but they tell me that's how it feels.   Sebastian Vettel gets all paternal over the new Red Bull December 24, 2011

  I think if I was put in the Red Bull, I would do no worse than Webber.   Red Bull young driver Jean-Eric Vergne throws down the gauntlet to the old pro November 21, 2011

 I'm already looking forward to next year especially since the women here are very beautiful. I'll try to learn some more Hindi, maybe from Bollywood movies, to be able to impress them in 2012!   Sebastian Vettel explains how he will prepare for the next Indian Grand Prix October 31, 2011

 The fight after the pit stop was haymakers, full-on into each other.   Mark Webber re-lives his fight for position with Lewis Hamilton at the Korean Grand Prix October 16, 2011

 Some time in the night Michael [Schumacher] came as well and joined us and we had a couple of drinks together. I think after he came I felt much worse as I started mixing a little bit, which wasn't the best strategy.   Sebastian Vettel admits he got his strategy wrong on Sunday night when celebrating his second world championship October 13, 2011

 I think now we will see who is the youngest three time world champion.    Fernando Alonso throws down the gauntlet to Sebastian Vettel just moments after the Red Bull driver became the youngest double world champion October 10, 2011

 It's hard to imagine, but we have two cars and two drivers only, and we carry that weight on our shoulders every time we go on track.   Sebastian Vettel on the pressure of each race weekend October 9, 2011

 In that moment I wasn't 100% awake and mistakes around here can be quite costly.   Sebastian Vettel after piling his Red Bull into a tyre wall on the first morning of practice at Suzuka October 7, 2011

 First you have to win the lottery and then you worry about what to do with the winnings.    Sebastian Vettel is focused on winning the championship before he starts celebrating it September 19, 2011

 You don't have much time to get the calculator out at that point.   Mark Webber reveals that he didn't have much time to think about his passing move on Fernando Alonso through Eau Rouge in Belgium August 31, 2011

 Obviously Mark disagreed … I can understand why he's frustrated but we can't afford to give away points.   Red Bull boss Christian Horner on his instructions to Mark Webber to hold off from challenging Sebastian Vettel in the final laps July 10, 2011

 Sorry Red Bull, but this is brilliant, we're going to have a great race.   BBC commentator Martin Brundle cannot hide his delight at Sebastian Vettel's botched tyre change July 10, 2011

 We need someone as good as Sebastian.   Red Bull's Helmut Marko when asked what his team needed from Sebastian Vettel's No. 2 June 28, 2011

 If Lewis wins by 50 secs it's not down to the exhaust regs or the fact that he can't change the differential by a bee's dick.   Mark Webber says any advantage McLaren might have over Red Bull will have nothing to do with the clampdown on off-throttle exhaust blown diffusers June 25, 2011

 I agree with rule changes in the middle of a championship for good reason, like safety, but this is not the case. It's absurd.    Adrian Newey vents his anger at the proposed ban on off-throttle exhaust blown diffusers at the British Grand Prix June 15, 2011

 When people in a country are being hurt, the issues are bigger than sport. Let's hope the right decision is made.   Mark Webber becomes the only driver to offer an opinion on the Bahrain Grand Prix and whether it should go ahead June 3, 2011

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