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Red Bull not alone in complaining about tyres - Vettel

ESPN Staff
May 22, 2013 « 'We know Mercedes will be strong' - Alonso | Red Bull aims to make life difficult for Mercedes »
Sebastian Vettel: "The tyres aren't good enough and that can't be safe" © Sutton Images
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Sebastian Vettel says Red Bull has not been the only team complaining about the current tyre situation.

Red Bull has been vocal in its criticism of the Pirelli tyres and Ferrari was clear in pointing the finger at Red Bull's complaints following Pirelli's announcement that it wishes to make changes to the tyre compounds. Vettel, however, says it's just a perception that Red Bull is the only team complaining because it's the highest profile team.

"I think that's because you guys have the alternative and quoting Red Bull or quoting Marussia you would rather quote Red Bull," Vettel said. "So in the media it looks as if Red Bull is complaining - or we are complaining - but generally I hear the drivers' voice in the meetings that we have together, the driver's briefings and when I chat to other drivers, and even if you pinpoint Lotus and say they have the best car for these kind of tyres and these conditions and still their drivers complain; they have the same problem as us just to a lesser extent. That doesn't mean no-one else is complaining."

Vettel also said that he feels Pirelli has to make changes to the current tyres even if it is only based on safety grounds.

"Obviously it's not our decision but on safety grounds as well we've seen it on a couple of occasions this year. I don't want to talk bad about people but they've got to do a better job. On safety grounds we saw that people suffered the tyre, the surface, the tread delaminating - blowing up - and fortunately nothing happened but it's not because drivers drove over debris it's because the tyres aren't good enough and that can't be safe.

"We've got a lot of marbles, which to some extent can be dangerous, so I think there's certain things we need to be careful with because the last thing we need is a big off. Imagine here, at the end of the straight, down to the chicane [the Nouvelle Chicane], you have a tyre coming off - I think it's something that none of us want to see."