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Singapore CCTV misleading - Webber

ESPN Staff
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Mark Webber will drop 10 places on the grid after qualifying © Getty Images
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Mark Webber says the CCTV footage showing him running on to the track to get a lift from Fernando Alonso in Singapore was misleading.

Both Webber and Alonso were reprimanded for their actions in Singapore, with the punishment being Webber's third of the season and leading to an automatic 10-place grid penalty for this weekend's Korean Grand Prix. With both Mercedes drivers having to take avoiding action due to the position of Alonso's car, Webber said he had seen every car approaching and felt they would have seen him entering the track.

"I saw both Mercedes in the straight; I'm in the escape road," Webber said. "The camera angle is facing one way and if you look at it from the other way I have a good view before they start turning in. I'm in the escape road so I can see down to the kink. I saw all the guys arriving - I saw all that - and then once you go round the corner obviously you know that they've got you. But if Lewis passed me at the grand old speed of 56kmh then OK, sorry.

"Kimi [Raikkonen] stopped as well. I thought Kimi, Jenson [Button] or Fernando and I got two out of the three. Kimi left, Fernando waited, jump on, job done … they're just the guys I thought of that would probably like an Aussie lift."

While Webber was annoyed with the reprimand he received, he said the one he received in Bahrain for making contact with Nico Rosberg.

"I got the penalty for not asking the marshal to walk on the track but there was no communication anyway, so that's what the penalty was for and that was it.

"I probably go back to the first reprimand in Bahrain to be honest … that's what I mean, don't get me started on reprimands."

However, Webber said he is hoping he can limit the damage of his grid penalty at a track he's been strong at in recent years.

"It's a good track for me, I've always been quick here. Yeah it's not ideal; you don't want to arrive 12th or 11th or 10th on the grid but it could be wet at the weekend, could change up, who knows? So we'll do what we can from there; it would be nice to be in a good position pretty early in the race to then get further down the line, obviously, but it's better than having a 10-place penalty in Monaco, that's for sure."