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Horner convinced Webber will be 'team player'

ESPN Staff
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Mark Webber can still mathematically win the world championship but must win all three remaining races © Sutton Images

Christian Horner says he is "quite convinced" that Mark Webber will support Sebastian Vettel's championship challenge if required.

Following Vettel's win in India, Webber is now 73 points behind his team-mate with 75 points still available. Ahead of the Indian Grand Prix Webber said he wouldn't move over if leading the race as he has a mathematical chance to win the world championship, but Horner said in Abu Dhabi that he believes Webber would put team interests first if required.

"Mark is a strong competitor, he's a big team player and I am quite convinced he will want to see the team achieve its best possible results," Horner said. "I'm sure - as a team player - if required he would do everything to support that team. Mathematically now it's very difficult for him to win the championship, he's a smart guy, he's an important part of the team and I've got every confidence that he will be doing his best to help the team achieve its objectives for the championship."

Horner also confirmed that he hadn't felt the need to speak to Webber about the situation, and said for now the focus was on securing the constructors' championship.

"I think you can talk about so many scenarios and then the scenario that you haven't talked about is the one that comes up. Mark is a bright guy, he's been around a long time, he's a key member of the team and I think that he'll be doing his best. His primary objective is to ensure that we achieve the constructors' championship and also for us that we've got both drivers ahead of Fernando [Alonso].

"He was desperately unlucky last week not to keep Fernando behind having to run with reduced power in the KERS for most of the race. So he'll be driving his best to ensure that we have got two Red Bulls right up the front end."