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Newey is Red Bull's 'beacon' - Webber

ESPN Staff
November 27, 2012 « Vettel- 'Alonso's one of the best' | Horner - Repeated success makes you unpopular »
Mark Webber said parts of his season "has been the best I've ever had" © Getty Images
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Mark Webber has described Adrian Newey as "a big beacon" for Red Bull after its third consecutive double world championship.

Sebastian Vettel's sixth place in Brazil clinched the drivers' championship to go with the constructors' title that Red Bull had wrapped up a week earlier in Austin. Webber said that Newey was the driving force behind the team's success and the focal point to give the rest of the design team a clear direction.

"You have Adrian on the drum kit who's a big beacon for the team here in terms of design and philosophy of where the car needs to be," Webber said. "Because when you strip it all down that's what it's about; for all the smoke and mirrors and that stuff it's a racing car, let's make it as quick as possible to go to every different track around the world and do the business in qualifying and the race. Adrian never loses sight of that."

While Vettel took the title, Webber said his own season had been a bit of a mixture of highs and lows, but he was pleased with the progress he had made even when results didn't reflect it.

"Difficult to analyse it all really, because sections of it has been the best I've ever had. It depends what you're measured on; championship position is poor, but qualifying stats are the best they've ever been. That's not really important, but it is important in terms of getting that stuff right, so I've definitely improved in that area.

"But we didn't have enough consistency in the middle of the year; we were very strong at the start of the year and then we went three races on the bounce with diff issues, penalties, you can go through a whole list of things here and there but ultimately it wasn't strong enough, wasn't a consistent enough campaign to get more out of what we had and that was ultimately a bit disappointing. But I had some really big highlights as well so they're nice to have because the wins were spread out amongst a lot of us this year. It was alright."