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Renault still waiting on Kubica news

ESPNF1 Staff
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Renault is still waiting on news from Robert Kubica © Sutton Images

Renault is still unsure whether Robert Kubica will be able to return to Formula One next season and says a driver decision is still likely to be several weeks away.

The team has always maintained it will give Kubica his seat back if he is able to recover from the injuries he sustained in a rallying accident earlier this year, but recently there has been a lack of concrete news on his condition. Renault team principal Eric Boullier said that the lack of certainty at the moment means he has had to prepare for all eventualities.

"The last information I have is that we will have to sit down and discuss how we can handle his comeback, because I don't believe he can commit in the coming days," Boullier was quoted by Autosport. "In the coming weeks maybe - but not coming days.

"So we have to make sure that we work together on a plan for him to come back. But I still need to have a proper plan to make sure that, which I don't wish, if he is not coming back how we go forward in a good way."

Renault is planning to assess Kubica's recovery with a test in a 2009 F1 car before the end of the year, but Boullier said they could not go ahead without further news on his condition.

"We have everything ready," he added. "The 2009 cars are ready in the garage, ready to fire up. We are ready for him but we are waiting for him to tell us he is ready. I know they are very confident and I am happy about this, because I am the first one wishing to have Robert back in the car, but nobody knows.

"Nobody has a medical report and nobody has seen him driving a car and being at speed. Until we see him and have the confirmation then, we cannot say anything. And we need to keep, unfortunately, the option of not having him back. I am in regular contact with his manager, but until he is driving the car we do not know."