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 It's like turning up at Old Trafford for a match against Manchester United and discovering they have to pay for the changing rooms, the hot water and the soap   Unnamed source railing against the costs imposed on teams by circuit owners October 9, 2013

 I read it on my Twitter page where people can write to me, and there was a whole bunch of people having a discussion and I was like 'Where has that come from?'   Nico Hulkenberg reveals his surprise at rumours that he was set to quit Sauber after the Hungarian Grand Prix July 25, 2013

 You'd pretty much know how he was going to go: he'd be amazing from time to time, pull off a few great overtakes, and be on the missing list for the rest of the season   Martin Brundle on why Kamui Kobayashi lost his race seat in 2013 February 16, 2013

 After the race, Kobacrashi, sorry Kobyashi, said on Twitter that he was sorry he caused the incident, which was nice   Jenson Button after being wiped out by Kamui Kobayashi in Korea October 15, 2012

 I can't say much except: Welcome to Spa - and welcome back to reality   A melancholic Kamui Kobayashi laments his lack of running during free practice at Spa-Francorchamps August 31, 2012

 As far as I can see it's just a handful of people in the paddock who can't get used to not knowing by Friday who's going to win on Sunday   Peter Sauber dismisses criticism the tyres in 2012 are ruining the races June 17, 2012

 I've been in Formula One for 20 years now and for me it's never been better or more exciting   Peter Sauber rejects criticism that the unpredictability of the current season could be detrimental to Formula One June 14, 2012

 It's misty. It's like people, you know? Seriously, you think maybe you understand and another day it's changed completely. It's like people, human, very strange.    Deep thinker Kamui Kobayashi compares the charateristics of this year's Pirelli tyres to the intricacies of human nature June 7, 2012

 I will have to send a letter to blown diffuser saying: 'Thank you for going somewhere else'   Kamui Kobayashi fully supports the ban on blown diffusers after Sauber opted not to develop the concept last year February 29, 2012

 It was like going back to Formula One's stone age.   Peter Sauber was not impressed by the failure of two of his Ferrari gearboxes at the Italian Grand Prix September 13, 2011

 I constantly pressed the wrong buttons. There was just not enough time to learn the steering wheel.   Pedro de la Rosa struggled to learn the ropes in the new Sauber after his last minute call up in Canada to replace Sergio Perez June 12, 2011

 He's a pretty difficult customer and you have to get it right with him. I followed him for about 25 laps in the middle of the race and I think he hit most fences around the track.   Mark Webber explains the difficulties of passing Kamui Kobayashi May 29, 2011

 I would not be confident to drive on their roads as I am a little bit scared of their driving.   Kamui Kobayashi admits that even the bravest F1 drivers are intimidated by the Chinese roads. April 11, 2011

 The fire extinguisher went off and the electrics cut out.   Sergio Perez suffers a strange retirement in the Malaysian Grand Prix. April 10, 2011

 I'm scared. If I have to go, I have to go, but scared. That's it.   Kamui Kobayashi voices his own concerns about heading to Bahrain February 20, 2011

 Shut up and drive, we don't want you to design the car.   Jacques Villeneuve recalls the simple instructions he received when at Sauber February 16, 2011

 When I saw lots of guys waving at me, then suddenly I understood.   Sauber's Kamui Kobayashi admits he was so absorbed in his own drive that he failed to notice the European Grand Prix had finished July 1, 2010

 I want to be the oldest champion in history. Fangio won at 45, and at that age was just as good   Pedro de la Rosa reveals his slightly optimistic long-term plans in F1. June 24, 2010

 I always firmly believed I would be given another chance as a team driver    Former McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa signs for Sauber January 19, 2010

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