Sendings off a mistake - WRU
December 7, 1999

Controversy continues surrounding the sending off of Scott Quinnell of Llanelli and Ebbw Vale's Iysten Thomas in Saturday's Welsh/Scottish league game with the WRU now describing referee Nigel William's decisions as 'misguided'
Both players fell foul of a new policy where repeated transgressions by a side are totted up and the player who commits the fifth such offence is sent off.
However the WRU have now issued a statement claiming "The interpretation of the laws of the game used by referee Nigel Williams ...were the result of discussions which had recently taken place between Premier club coaches and referees. When called upon at short notice to replace Robert Davies as the match official, Mr Williams was misguided in his belief that the proposals emanating from those discussions had been formalised. "
"These proposals have yet to be put before the relevant authorities, including the Scottish Rugby Union, and until such time as these changes can be formalised referees will adhere to the traditional interpretation of the laws of the game."
It is now unlikely that either Thomas or Quinnell will face any further disciplinary action over the incident.
That new approach had been agreed last month at a meeting of coaches, officials, Graham Henry and referee's boss Clive Norling.
The date for its inception is now in doubt although a Glasgow Caledonians official told scrum that they were unaware of the meeting having taken place.

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