Major tournament
FIRA Championship D1 (1987-1989), Oct 1987 - Jun 1989 Results | Table
Five Nations, Jan-Mar 1988
(England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
Results | Table | Records | Photos
1991 Rugby World Cup Qualifier, Nov 1988 - Oct 1990 Results | Table
Major tour
England tour, Apr-Jun 1988
(in Australia/Fiji/Ireland)
Results | Records
Wales tour, May-Jun 1988
(in New Zealand)
Results | Records
France tour, Jun 1988
(in Argentina)
Results | Records
New Zealand tour, Jul 1988
(in Australia)
Results | Records
Romania tour, Sep-Dec 1988
(in Russia/Wales)
Results | Records
Samoa tour, Oct-Nov 1988
(in Ireland/Wales)
Results | Records
Argentina tour, Nov 1988
(in France)
Results | Records
Australia tour, Nov-Dec 1988
(in England/Italy/Scotland)
Results | Records
Italy tour, Dec 1988
(in Ireland)
Major series
Calcutta Cup, Mar 1988
(England in Scotland)
Millennium Trophy, Apr 1988
(England in Ireland)
Bledisloe Cup, Jul 1988
(New Zealand in Australia)
Results | Records
Minor tournament
FIRA Championship D2 (1987-1989), Oct 1987 - Jul 1989 Results | Table
FIRA Championship D3 (1987-1989), Nov 1987 - May 1989
(Andorra, Bulgaria, Luxembourg)
Results | Table
South Pacific Championship, May-Jun 1988
(Fiji, Samoa, Tonga in Samoa)
Results | Table | Records
Nordic Cup, Oct 1988
(Denmark, Norway, Presidents XV, Sweden in Denmark)
Results | Table
Minor tour
Sweden tour, Apr 1988
(in Italy)
Scotland XV tour, May 1988
(in Zimbabwe)
Results | Records
Canada tour, Jun 1988
(in United States of America)
France XV tour, Jun 1988
(in Paraguay)
East Germany tour, Jul 1988
(in Bulgaria)
Fiji tour, Jul 1988
(in Samoa/Tonga)
Results | Records
Belgium tour, Sep 1988 Results
Italy B tour, Sep 1988
(in Poland)
United States of America tour, Sep 1988
(in Russia)
Results | Records
New Zealand Development XV tour, Oct 1988
(in Cook Islands/Tonga)
Oxford University tour, Oct 1988
(in Japan)
Tonga tour, Oct 1988
(in Fiji)
New Zealand Maori tour, Nov 1988
(in Spain)
Welsh Districts tour, Nov 1988
(in Sweden)

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