We will pick the best coach - Vuetilovoni
November 18, 1999

Fiji Rugby Union Chairman Tom Vuetilovoni has held a press conference to clear the air on speculations that an expatriate has already been earmarked to replace Brad Johnstone as national coach.
"Irrespective of whether it will be a local or an expatriate, we will choose the best man for the job," Vuetilovoni said. However, the Chairman said that Johnstone's successor would have to be of international standard to continue the work done by big Brad. "The coach must posess the competency required by the National Team Board to be able to take the teams to international tournaments and bring to the boys the international expertise that they will need to maintain what we have already achieved," he said.
"Of course, knowledge and skills are a must but that will not be enough to help the boys," he said. Vuetilovoni said that media attention given to the issue lately has "blown the issue out of proportion."
"This is not the case whether its a local or overseas coach, we will take on the man that fits the criteria well," he said.
Vuetilovoni said that the National Team Board will meet in two weeks to draw up the criteria for the new coach.
"After we meet, we will then put out advertisements and that will probably take four to five weeks to filter back to us," he added. "Brad (Johnstone) will be around to help the new coach and that will probably be through to the Epson Cup series," he said. "So much work has been done by Brad for the last 5 years and we can't afford to let Fiji rugby slip back to the days before that when everything else was in the dumps," he added.

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