Referee Dume slams 'cheating' referees
February 21, 2000

IRB referee Joel Dume has welcomed the use of some fresh faces as part of the officiating teams for the Six Nations championship.

In what may be seen as a direct swipe at established northern hemisphere based referees Dume said, "There is a very clearly established hierarchy, which doesn't suffer change gladly. This is one of the reasons why it has been great to see some new faces for the Six Nations."

He went on to say that, "Certain older referees have so much experience that they know exactly where to stand on the pitch without having to run around too much. Some of the older referees cheat a little. They are able to referee a game based on their name and reputation."

Not afraid to point the finger Dume singled out such figures as Derek Bevan and the "Scotsman Fleming". He said, "They are so experienced that nobody would dare to question their judgement. They can almost make their own set of rules. That is probably going a bit too far, but when they referee in Britain, nobody would dare contradict them. Somebody will always find them an excuse.

Following from the disputed French try that was disallowed at the Stade de rance on Saturday Dume put his case for the use of the technology available.

"I am in favour of video evidence, but only behind the try line. It would be a definite help and I can't see why we don't use it at present. But it must be used wisely and limited to a well defined area of the pitch. Otherwise we will spend our lives scrutinising a video screen at the drop of a hat.

"I know that I have made mistakes and given tries that should have been disallowed. Video evidence would have been a great help on these occasions. I am one of the few referees in favour of video evidence, but as I say, it has to be introduced with strict guidelines."

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