Two late Falcons trys snatch victory from Canada East
July 23, 2006

Two tries deep into injury time saw the US Falcons score an improbable come from behind 25-24 victory in the opening match of the second round of the North America Four tournament in Columbus, Ohio.

Wing Brian Barnard finished an eighty metre try that saw multiple phases spring him free as the late comeback took place with the Canadians down a man.

Vaha Esikia scored in the 85th minute, and despite a missed drop-goal attempt at a conversion, the Falcons raced back to centre now needing a try for the victory.

The restart allowed the Falcons to retain possession and work the late magic, crushing the Canadian team, who held a 24-15 lead as full time elapsed.

The Canadians built an 11-10 half time lead as second row Stu Ault touched down on the half hour, adding to a pair of Derek Daypuck penalties.

Jason Pye scored in the 14th minute to give the Falcons a 7-3 lead with Patrick Bell converting.

Jerod Selby scored a try to open the second half, and Derek Daypuck added another two penalties, putting the Canucks into a comfortable 21-10 lead.

Chad Erskine then scored in the 70th minute, making the Canadians adjust their defensive stance as the Falcons showed signs of life.

Fullback replacement Carl Pocock, sent off for a team yellow card for repeated infringement in the 72rd minute saw the Canadians down to 14 men with eight minutes remaining, but the fourth official failed to allow Pocock return to the game as it crept into extra time.

The heroic tries by Esikia and Barnard followed, putting the Falcons alone in second place behind Canada West, who beat the Hawks 46-7 in the second match of the night.

Canada East:
15. Jarod Selby 14. Rich O'Malley 13. Rob Wilson 12. Brian MacKenzie (Carl Pocock@51) 11. Kris Witkowski (Ciran Hearn @67 mins) 10. Derek Daypuck 9. Matt Weingart (Phil Mack - 73 mins) 8. Aaron Carpenter (Matt Phinney@67 mins) - 7. Kevin Parfrey (Kozina@45 mins) 6. Mike Webb© 5. Stu Ault 4. Scott Dunham 3. Mike Pletch 2. Aaron Abrams 1. Dan Pletch (Frank Walsh@50)

Replacements:16. Jordan Allers 17. Matt Phinney 18 Jordan Kozina 19. Frank Walsh 20. Ciran Hearn 21. Carl Pockock 22. Phil Mack

15. Gary Sullivan 14. Brian Barnard 13. Vaha Esikia 12. Alipate Tuilevuka (Scott Jones@62 mins) 11.Jason Pye 10. Andrew Locke 9. Chad Erskine 8. Mark Aylor 7. Jarvis Albury 6. Ron Rosser (Mark Griffen - blood 58 -Rosser returned @64 Griffen 69 mins for Blood - returned@73). Brian Schoener (Matt Rader @51 mins) 4. Latu Poloka 3. John Vitale 2. Patrick Bell© 1. Sean Kim

Replacements: 16. Mark Griffin 17. Conor Malloy 18. Hayden Mexted 19. Matt Rader 20 Doug Rowe 21. Scott Jones 22. James Finau.


Canada East:
Try: Stu Ault (30), Jarod Selby (44 mins)
Con: Derek Daypuck (44 mins)
Penalty: Derek Daypuck (5, 16,49,77)

Yellow Card: Aaron Carpenter (55 mins) Carl Pocock (74 mins)

Try: Jason Pye: (14 mins), Chad Erskine (70 mins) Vaha Esikia (85 mins) Brian Barnard (87 mins)
Conversion: Patrick Bell (14 mins)
Penalty: Patrick Bell (23 mins)

Yellow Card: Mark Aylor 40 mins

Scoring Sequence
Can: Pen 3-0
USA Try 3-5
USA Con 3-7
Can Pen 6-7
USA Pen 6-10
Can: Try 11-10

Can: Try 16-10
Can: Con 18-10
Can: Pen 21-10
USA: Try 21-15
Can: Pen 24 -15
USA Try 24-20
USA Try 24-25


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