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Oct 22, 2007:  "So much for the IRB World Player of the Year - now the announcement the players will really have been waiting for - the World Cup XV" Huw Richards reports
Oct 19, 2007:  "I think we all knew 20 years ago that rugby would never be quite the same again
Oct 18, 2007:  "Come the final of any major international competition and you can sure that some broadcaster will make a mind-boggling claim for the number of people who are watching at that very moment." Huw Richards reports
Oct 18, 2007:  "This is a team that has ridden its luck to achieve something nobody really expected of them
Oct 17, 2007:  "As that great, if barking, American writer and sports nut Hunter Thompson put it 'When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro'." Huw Richards reports
Oct 16, 2007:  "How many times in the last five World Cups have the French displayed real flair
Oct 12, 2007:  "Shared isolation has made the only two significant rugby nations with South Atlantic coastlines natural partners and adversaries." Huw Richards reports
Oct 4, 2007:  "They may have supplied Bernard Laporte with a useful motivational tool, reprinting on their English-language page an outpouring of crashing complacency from the New Zealand Herald." Huw Richards reports
Oct 2, 2007:  "Finau Maka has a serious claim to be the player of the pool stages, closely pursued by his captain and backrow partner-in-devastation Nili Latu." Huw Richards reports
Sep 27, 2007:  "If Paris is France's political and cultural capital, Toulouse is the centre of its rugby and where the game is followed with most passion." Huw Richards reports
Sep 18, 2007:  "If you had told me that an evening out in Montpellier would end with a lively, multilingual 2 a.m game of touch rugby I might have taken precautions against involvement." Huw Richards reports
Sep 12, 2007:  "Few would disagree with the proposition that Rugby World Cups would be better if there were more shock results." Huw Richards reports
Sep 12, 2007:  "France has learnt from the example set by Australia in 2003 - that you need to work at getting crowds out for matches not involving the host or the biggest names." Huw Richards reports
Sep 11, 2007:  "Just about the only certainty in France's Rugby World Cup campaign as they await their showdown with Ireland on Saturday week is that Bernard Laporte will not be their coach after the tournament has ended." Huw Richards reports from France
Sep 6, 2007:  Images that remain from World Cups are not just those of matches
Sep 4, 2007:  "Argentina's Pumas have it in their power to throw the 2007 World Cup off its predicted course within 80 minutes of its start." Huw Richards reports
Aug 28, 2007:  "If you set out from first principles to design a rugby player, the outcome would most probably be a Samoan." Huw Richards reports
Aug 22, 2007:  "France's half-backs epitomise the debate as to whether Laporte is blessed with options or cursed by indecision." Huw Richards reports
Aug 21, 2007:  "Wales will start as second favourites against Australia, the evidence of the summer tests down under is that any gap is hardly unbridgeable, particularly with the game being played at the Millennium Stadium." Huw Richards reports
Aug 6, 2007:  Yes, there was somebody Welsh who got something positive out of Saturday's debacle at Twickenham
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