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Dec 21, 2007:  "Watching Danny Cipriani was something else...I was immediately reminded of the young Barry John and I don't think I have said that about anyone since he retired." Read John Taylor's verdict on Brian Ashton's new deal.
Dec 5, 2007:  "If they do subsidise Argentines to stay at home the Fijians and Samoans will, quite justifiably, demand the same so that they too can upset the old order." JT reports
Nov 24, 2007:  "There are no powerful driving forwards in the front five - and only Alun-Wyn Jones looks to have the potential to be able to compete at the highest level." John Taylor delivers his verdict on Wales
Nov 24, 2007:  "Woodward's successor has not yet been appointed but he will not be allowed anywhere near as much power under the management of Gerald Davies." John Taylor reports
Nov 8, 2007:  "Remember the time when you barely heard the referee during a rugby match, when there was space in midfield, tries galore and games were rarely decided by penalties?" John Taylor reports
Oct 23, 2007:  "This is rugby's world showcase and in the knockout stages it was power and persistence that mattered much more than attacking flair." John Taylor reports
Oct 15, 2007:  "First, keep it tight and play the game in their territory...Second, attack the breakdown as if your lives depend upon it
Oct 8, 2007:  "For all the talk about rugby being a religion in New Zealand they are not a very passionate people and when it comes to winning world cups that might just be the vital missing ingredient." John Taylor reports
Oct 2, 2007:  "Jenkins was and is a thoroughly competent coach but he simply did not have enough variety of experience." John Taylor issues his verdict on the Wales debacle
Sep 25, 2007:  "Video referee, Craig Joubert, was just about the only person in the stadium who thought it was not a try but when I spoke to him he claimed his hands were tied by referee, Tony Spreadbury." John Taylor reports
Sep 17, 2007:  "Who said the number of teams in the World Cup should be reduced to 16 or even 12
Aug 29, 2007:  "There has never been a more frenzied period of preparation as the northern hemisphere nations try to get up to speed and the southern hemisphere sides try to bring themselves back to the boil" John Taylor reports
Aug 14, 2007:  The experimenting is over - or is it
Aug 2, 2007:  Gareth Edwards is 60
2007 Tri-Nations
Jul 25, 2007:  "Without Umaga, they lack something in attack. The Kiwis are definitely not as far ahead as they were in 2006 but they are still the team to beat." John Taylor reports
2007 Tri-Nations
Jul 4, 2007:  "Suddenly the RWC looks more interesting. Australia's win at the MCG still leaves New Zealand as favourites but it destroys their aura of invincibility." John Taylor reports
Jun 19, 2007:  "Just when South African rugby is getting its act together on the field politics is once again threatening to wreck everything." John Taylor reports
Jun 7, 2007:  "It is now exactly three months to the start of the World Cup and there could not be a greater contrast in the state of readiness between the major countries in the northern hemisphere and those in the south." JT reports
May 25, 2007:  "Suddenly, from the high drama of Twickenham we have moved to the farce of international rugby for the sake of it - or, even worse, just for the money." JT reports
May 8, 2007:  "What a letdown
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