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John Taylor
May 28, 2014:  John Taylor on when trial matches meant something ... and how a white bandage helped him make his Wales debut
European rugby
Apr 14, 2014:  The new European competition is now a reality and rugby will be better as a result. John Taylor looks at the deal as the dust settles
Mar 31, 2014:  What makes David Moffett tick and what is his real agenda? John Taylor ponders a second coming
Six Nations
Mar 6, 2014:  "I had a perfect record against England as did a few other Welshmen. England always seemed to bring the best out of us." John Taylor on the age-old rivalry
Ireland v Wales 1972
Feb 25, 2014:  John Taylor on when death threats from the IRA denied Wales a chance of back-to-back Grand Slams
Feb 11, 2014:  "In Wales the fly-half conveyor belt has ground to a halt and Warren Gatland appears to have no appetite to get it running again." John Taylor writes
Six Nations
Jan 30, 2014:  "I remember being allowed to reclaim the expense of hiring a dinner jacket for the after-match banquet." John Taylor remembers his Wales debut
John Taylor
Jan 24, 2014:  In the wake of Leigh Halfpenny's move to Toulon, John Taylor believes Wales are going to have to adapt to having many of their best players on foreign soil
The future of European rugby
Jan 14, 2014:  The IRB's stance on the European crisis highlights the fact they are keen for more of the same rather than a meaningful resolution, John Taylor writes
Jan 3, 2014:  "The next few weeks will see a battle for hearts and minds in the Welsh rugby community." John Taylor on the civil war in Welsh rugby
The future of European rugby
Dec 10, 2013:  "Gentlemen, if you want to see the World Cup going south yet again, you are going the right way about it," John Taylor looks at the state of European rugby
Nov 26, 2013:  John Taylor says the new scrummaging protocols are in danger of being undermined by differences in interpretation by referees
2003 World Cup Final
Nov 22, 2013:  When the winning drop-goal was struck in 2003, John Taylor was sitting on the gantry commentating. Here are his memories
1968 British Lions
Nov 13, 2013:  "You soon got the feel from the old lags that we should not expect to win and the main point was to have a good time." John Taylor reports back from the 1968 Lions reunion
Welsh Rugby
Oct 10, 2013:  The Welsh Rugby Union's recent attitude shows they are treading a delicate path to keep all Heineken Cup options open, writes John Taylor
Heineken Cup Comment
Sep 30, 2013:  "The biggest scandal is the failure on the part of ERC to engage in constructive dialogue over the past 12 months." John Taylor wades in on the Heineken Cup row
Aug 30, 2013:  "He grasped the difference between television and radio commentary better than anybody before or since." John Taylor pays a personal tribute to the late Cliff Morgan
International Rugby
Aug 21, 2013:  "At last the IRB has climbed down, recognised the blindingly obvious and has instantly got rid of the scrum problems that were blighting the game." John Taylor writes
John Taylor Column
Jul 7, 2013:  "Of course everything went right for them early on but the belief they showed in the second half was a revelation" John Taylor delivers his verdict on the Lions' triumph
John Taylor Column
Jul 1, 2013:  "Somehow the Lions looked to have lost all their threat so where do they go from here?" John Taylor picks through the pieces of the Lions' second Test loss
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