United States of America tour - Burnaby Lake, 11 June 1983
Canada 15 - 9 United States of America (FT)


Canada United States of America
Tries Billingsley Tries Helu
Cons Lecky Cons Nelson
Pens Lecky 3 Pens Nelson
15 FB
Ray Nelson
14 W
Mike Purcell
13 C
Tim O'Brien
12 C
Roy Helu
11 W
Mark Ormsby
10 FH
Bo Meyersieck
9 SH
Doug Straehley
1 P
Rick Bailey
2 H
Jay Hanson
3 P
Fred Paoli
4 L
Rick Crivellone
5 L
Ed Burlingham (c)
6 F
Blane Warhurst
7 F
Steve Finkel
8 N8
Art Ward
16 F
Jake Burkhardt
17 L
Bill Shiflet


Result Canada won by a margin of 6 points
Ground name Sports Complex, Burnaby Lake
Canada Test debuts B Bonenberg, F Forster, PJ MacLean
United States of America Test debuts J Burkhardt, R Crivellone, RB Nelson, M Ormsby, W Shiflet, D Straehley, B Warhurst
Points scoring rules try 4, conversion 2, penalty goal 3, drop goal 3