Justin Melck - Back-row - Player profile
Born January 4, 1983
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Team:  all for Germany
Opposition:  all against Sweden
Home or away:  all at away (home of opposition)
Host country:  all in Sweden
Ground:  all at Sweden: Stockholm
Match date:  only 26 Apr 2014
Trophy:  only in FIRA Championship D1
Tournament/tour:  only in FIRA Championship D1, 2012-2014
Match type:  only in preliminary matches
Match result:  only case is won match
Captaincy:  only case is not as captain
Debut or last match: 
Playing position:  only as flanker
Position category:  only case is forwards
Position subcategory:  only case is loose-forwards
Age at time of match:  all aged 31
Match involving players: 
Match involving captains: 
Points scored in a match:  only amount is 5
Tries scored in a match:  only amount is 1
Conversions scored:  only amount is 0
Penalty goals scored:  only amount is 0
Drop goals scored:  only amount is 0
Goals from a mark:  only amount is 0
Yellow cards:  only received yellow card
Red cards:  only received no card
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