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Roddick leads charge for players' union

ESPN staff
September 26, 2011
Andy Roddick was frustrated by issues with water on the playing surface at the US Open © PA Photos

Andy Roddick believes a strike is not imminent but admits the top players need to discuss the possibility of a players' union.

Scheduling issues caused by poor weather at the US Open prompted world No. 4 Andy Murray to warn that the top players were considering a strike. Roddick concedes a boycott is a possibility, but insists they will not rush into anything.

"We've always wanted a voice. Unfortunately it hasn't come," Roddick said. "We're not sure what we'd do. Whether it means a stoppage for a major tournament, that's something we've got to talk about.

"If we do that, I'm sure we'll all get together and play somewhere for a charity of some sort or to show people that it's more about a voice and not about dollars so much. We were at the US Open and we didn't have a voice to not go on, and that kind of struck us as odd considering that we're the ones out there playing.

"I think if we are going to do something, it's going to be thoroughly thought out and it's not going to happen tomorrow," Roddick said. "But it's certainly a conversation at this point."

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