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Murray not distracted by image issues

ESPN staff
March 22, 2012
Andy Murray is not worried about being viewed as a moody character © Getty Images

Andy Murray insists he is happy to be perceived as a surly character, claiming it leaves him in a better position than some of his rivals.

Murray is one of tennis' elite, with only Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer ahead of him in the world rankings. The British No. 1 has a strong following, but there is a perception that he is a spiky character.

Tantrums on the court are on show from time to time, while he has often cut a downbeat figure in press conferences and interviews. But he prefers to be serious when it matters and unwind away from the media glare.

"You have to be quite reserved, a bit guarded," he told the Daily Telegraph. "It saves a lot of hassle. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is. I try not to distract myself for having to apologise for the things I've said.

"I might look more stressed out than some of the other guys, but I don't mind people thinking that. That way, when they meet me, they are pleasantly surprised. I'm probably in a better position than if I was always laughing and joking. Hopefully people will judge me when I actually speak to them."

Murray is still chasing his first grand slam and he is determined to maximise his chance of success by focusing on his career.

He said: "Some people might say that I'm not the best role model, but I take my job very, very seriously; I don't go out partying, I don't smoke, drink, or take drugs - any of that stuff, which a lot of footballers and rugby players have done, I've led a fairly clean life."

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