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Hat gate and a slice of luck

ESPN staff
September 8, 2012
Hat-gate saw umpire Pascal Maria mediate between Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych © PA Photos

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Fine forecasting
Weather forecasting is not an exact science, but there have been some gaffes down the years. We had a bit of a shocker ahead of Super Saturday. The forecast was for the weather to be okay early, hence play being brought forward, with a chance of rain later. Well, the rain came early - and boy did it rain. It was like a monsoon that hit New York and delayed play for well over an hour.

Delightful pick-up
Tomas Berdych is known more as a power player, but he showed silky hands early on against Andy Murray. The wind was a real issue so it took guts to come in on break point down. Murray produced an excellent low backhand, forcing Berdych to stoop low and play a controlled forehand half-volley that was too good for Murray.

The wind was a huge factor and it got involved in the match in the fourth game of the clash between Murray and Berdych. Murray played a superb drop shot that had Berdych cooked, but a fraction of a second after hitting the ball Murray's hat flew off. The rulebook suggests that such an act is an automatic let, even though Berdych clearly had no play. The two players exchanged words, with Murray being very calm about it, with the upshot being a let was called. Two points later Murray lost the game and was understandably frustrated.

Classy hustle
Having lost the first set, Murray showed it had not affected him by breaking through at the start of the second set. He set up the break point in stunning fashion, by chasing down balls into the wind, throwing up a brilliant lob, charging to the net and putting away a superb angled volley.

Sometimes you need a bit of luck
Murray roared back into the match after losing the first set and as well as playing well, he had a bit of luck on his side. At 3-0 up in the third set, he got a net cord that went his way. If that was not enough to drive Berdych mad, the drop shot that he came up with certainly would. Murray attempted to cut under the ball, only to make a complete mess of it and it hit the frame. Somehow he got massive action on the ball and it drifted just over net and stopped in its tracks.

Murray shaken, not stirred
Murray received quite a shock during his post-match press conference when actor Sean Connery, accompanied by Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and his mother Judy, stormed into the room to steal the show. "Excuse me for interrupting," Connery, the Oscar-winning actor, said as Murray was about to answer a question. The press conference then focused on the state of Judy Murray, as her son claimed, "You smell of wine." "He made me have wine," Judy said of Ferguson in response.

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