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Lendl: Murray needs to be meaner

ESPN staff
December 20, 2012
Ivan Lendl wants Andy Murray to be more mean © Getty Images

Ivan Lendl has urged Andy Murray to show more of a mean streak if he is to add more grand slams to his US Open title.

The British No. 1 is currently training in Miami ahead of the 2013 season, looking to improve on the best year of his career to date, reaching the Wimbledon final and winning Olympic gold before landing his first major in New York.

After watching Murray play a training match against fellow Scot Jamie Baker, Lendl, who was famed for his ruthless style, told the Times his charge needs to get tougher in training.

"I think Andy is too nice sometimes," Lendl said. "You can only play the way you practise - there's not way you're going to play differently than the way you practise. At least I don't see it."

"Andy knew what I wanted," Lendl said after seeing an attempted lob float long. "I wanted it buried, either in the corner or in the guy's nuts, but bury it somewhere."

Lendl admits he hates the travelling, but as long as Murray continues winning, it is a burden he is willing to endure.

He said: "Are there things I hate? Absolutely. I hate being on the road. However, there are pluses and minuses to everything and sometimes you have to swallow the things you don't like to realise the things you enjoy, like winning."

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