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Murray has no time for time-wasters

ESPN staff
January 5, 2013

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Andy Murray encouraged tennis' authorities to continue their crackdown on time-wasting but also highlighted that common sense needs to be applied.

Murray, who is currently preparing for the final of the Brisbane International in Australia, also believes that strict enforcement of the time players can take between points will favour the fittest on tour.

The British No. 1's energy on court is a key component to his success and has drastically improved since he started making a global name for himself by reaching the final of the US Open in 2008.

But despite the potential benefit to his matches if his opponents have less time, the Scot did admit that even he felt under pressure with the current 25 seconds afforded to players between points.

"I'm for them being more strict with the time, but I think they maybe should have increased the time allowed first, because 25 seconds goes by pretty quick," Murray told the Daily Telegraph.

Murray continued: "I think it's wrong that people say they have to give a bit of leeway if there is a long point. I don't agree with that. I think that's when the person who is physically stronger gains an advantage. They should be recovering in a certain amount of time, but I just think they should have adjusted the time slightly.

"All it takes is a shoelace to come undone and you're out of time. Guys have been getting warnings when they change their racket for breaking a string or whatever. That's also not right."

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