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Ailing Watson to seek medical advice

ESPN staff
January 14, 2013
Heather Watson dug deep to book her place in round two of the Australian Open © Getty Images

Heather Watson has confirmed she will pay a visit to the doctor in order to find out what was ailing her during her three-set win over Alexandra Cadantu at the Australian Open.

Watson looked out of sorts for a set and a half and had the trainer and doctor on court, at which point her heart rate and blood pressure were tested. She refuelled during an injury timeout her opponent took and although she began to struggle with cramp, she was able to rally and claim a 2-6 6-3 6-2 win.

It was a battling display from Watson who claims that when on song, she has the game to beat anyone.

"At the beginning I definitely wasn't there," Watson said. "I wasn't playing well. I didn't have much energy today. I don't know what it was. I'm going to go see the doctor after.

"There was nothing I could really do. She actually had two timeouts, so during that time I just ate like two bananas, some gels, drunk loads. I think having that little sit down, I got a little recharged and motivated."

Watson feels the muscle problems she encountered played to her advantage. "When I started cramping, you know, I had to start hitting the ball because I couldn't move," Watson said. "I'm kind of thankful that I did cramp today, otherwise I don't know how that would have ended up. I just loosened up on everything and just hit it. And I'm just so glad that I did cramp."

The Brit has had a problem with her elbow and she did not serve at full pace against Cadantu. She said: "They said there could be like scar tissue inside, and that's what's made it come back. I just have to keep my shoulder and all the muscles around my arm loose and start doing stuff to look after that.

"After matches, I look after my legs a lot, but I never really look after my arms, think about what my arms go through. I'm starting to do that a lot more now. At the beginning I was probably serving like at 50%. I wasn't even getting it on the strings at the beginning. But by the end I'd say I was serving about 80, 70, 80."

Ksenia Pervak is up next for Watson and when asked if she feels she can beat anyone, the Brit said. "Yeah, I do."

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