Sonnen attempts to embarrass Wanderlei and Anderson

ESPN staff
August 17, 2011

Chael Sonnen has launched yet another attack on two of Brazil's greatest MMA heroes, personally apologising on behalf of Wanderlei and Anderson Silva for their self-preserving greed.

Sonnen, who is preparing for his fight with Brian Stann at UFC 136, has issued a series of assaults on Brazil's top stars in recent weeks, often with tongue firmly in cheek but nevertheless extremely offensive in his approach.

Lyoto Machida's karate background has been mocked, with Sonnen stating: "Of course your sport should be taken seriously. Everybody would like to be able to work out in their bathrobe."

The Nogueira brothers have also been targeted, after the American claimed: "I was in Las Vegas when the Nogueira brothers first touched down in America. There was a bus that pulled up to a red light, and Little Nog tried to feed it a carrot, while Big Nog was petting it. He thought it was a horse."

In his latest tirade, Sonnen has taken aim at the two Silvas ahead of UFC 134 in Rio, apologising to Brazil for the pair's inability to share their wealth. In an interview aimed at the Brazilian public with UFC Sem Limites, Sonnen made a convincing case.

"I'm attempting to pick a fight with fighters from Brazil who claim they care about Brazil, but they actually abandoned you. People like Wanderlei Silva," Sonnen began.

"He lives in a gated community in Los Angeles. He drives an Aston Martin. You know what that is? It's what James Bond drove, it costs $200,000. Wanderlei could have bought a fully-loaded Lexus, drove around in style for $41,000, and sent $159,000 back to your country to build two schools.

"But he didn't. He didn't send you $159,000, he didn't send you $159, he didn't send you 159 cents. He left you, abandoned you, and now he lives in America.

"Anderson just put £2,000,000 down on a high-rent mansion in Los Angeles. I apologise to the people of Brazil that your heroes left you."

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