UFC must sideline Silva if I fight him - St-Pierre

ESPN staff
September 16, 2011
UFC president Dana White believes Anderson Silva would be too big for Georges St-Pierre © Getty Images

Georges St-Pierre has told the UFC that he would expect the promotion to ban Anderson Silva from competing whilst the Canadian attempts to gain the necessary weight to put on a superfight involving the two champions.

As welterweight champion since 2007, St-Pierre's dominance of a weight class is only bettered by Silva, who has ruled the middleweight terrain since 2006. The pair, in the eyes of many, would make the greatest superfight in UFC history.

St-Pierre has always been cautious in talking about the prospect of sharing an Octagon with Silva, who holds a significant size advantage. It has been suggested that the pair could fight at a catchweight of around 178lbs, but GSP doubts Silva could make it.

"Anderson used to fight at 168lbs, just a few years ago in Japan. I don't know what he truly walks around at. I've heard at times, 230lbs, he's a very big guy," St-Pierre told Sportsnet.ca.

"I walk around at 188, 190lbs. To put on weight, or for me to lose weight, is very hard. I'm an ectomorph, that's the body type and physique that I have. I have a hard time losing and gaining weight."

St-Pierre has often explained that he would need a significant amount of time to prepare for the fight, in order to increase his weight without harming his performance. If he is to undergo such a long-term plan, he would expect the UFC to keep Silva inactive to make sure it is worth his while.

"I could do it, but it depends on the matter of time that I can do it in. It will definitely take time, but is the UFC willing to give me the time to do so? Same for the fans.

"I will not be able to fight during that time and the same for Anderson, because what if he loses? No one is invincible; then this fight would be thrown out the window."

The welterweight champion must first make sure his own stock does not fall by taking care of business against Carlos Condit at UFC 137.

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