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Dana White completely destroys Lesnar WWE fears

ESPN staff
October 13, 2011
Brock Lesnar is aiming to earn back his UFC heavyweight title, beginning with a fight against Alistair Overeem © UFC

Dana White has allayed fears that Brock Lesnar will return to the WWE, insisting it will "never happen" whilst he is under contract with the UFC.

Fears over Lesnar's future were sparked when it was announced that the former UFC heavyweight champion will appear on the latest WWE video game. Lesnar has always held plenty of cards when it comes to business negotiations, and it was speculated that he may be angling for a move back to the less demanding world of WWE following a serious brush with diverticulitis.

However, White has Lesnar lined up for an end-of-year clash with Alistair Overeem, and he insists it is simply impossible for Lesnar to fight for the WWE whilst under his current contract.

"They asked if he could be in the game. What does it hurt me if the guy is in the video game?," White said, according to Fighters Only. "Brock gets to make some money on the WWE side, they make a great game and Brock is in it. They sell some games and he is still in my game too. It's not a big deal, it's an easy give for me.

"If next weekend he wanted to wrestle with the WWE, that's a different story. Brock Lesnar will never wrestle for the WWE while he's under contract to me. But to be in their video game? That's part of his history.

"He came from the WWE. I would have no problem with him making any kind of a deal with the WWE as far as merchandising goes… The WWE built him up into the star that he was and for me to go back and now say 'No, he's mine'…? I don't care about that. It doesn't affect me or my business personally and it helps my athlete."

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