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Anderson Silva recalls shotgun incident with Cordeiro

ESPN staff
April 27, 2012
Anderson Silva has released a book about his life © UFC

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has an excellent relationship with world-renowned coach Rafael Cordeiro, but he has revealed in his new biography that he once genuinely almost shot Cordeiro.

As reported by Fighters Only, Silva's book documents a time when he coached jiu-jitsu classes. However, Chute Boxe head coach Cordeiro told him that he no longer wanted the classes to continue.

At a time of financial difficulty the situation erupted, with Silva suffering a slap to the face. Fighters Only reports that the book then details how Silva waited for Cordeiro with a shotgun, only to be talked out of it by his peers.

"The biography says the truth of everything that happened since my childhood until this moment. It documents day-to-day frustrations, what is good, what is bad, and how it is bad to stay away from the family. The book tells my life," Silva summarises.

"I speak the truth in the book. That was a phase in my life in which I had nothing but the gift God gave me to give classes and I almost did a foolish [thing]."

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