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Potential Liddell showdown would not tempt Ortiz

ESPN staff
July 16, 2012
Tito Ortiz is a legend of the UFC © Getty Images

Tito Ortiz has confirmed he will not be lured out of retirement at any cost by the UFC, even if it is for one last grudge match with Chuck Liddell.

Ortiz recently hung up his gloves following a narrow loss to Forrest Griffin, leaving the sport with a record number of light-heavyweight title defences. He exits as a Hall of Famer, who played his part in some of the biggest fights in the promotion's existence.

His battles with Liddell were legendary, beaten twice in bad-blooded clashes with The Iceman. If a third chapter to the rivalry was ever arranged, it would almost certainly pull in major box office numbers, despite the advancing ages of both retired fighters.

Ortiz, though, insists nothing could tempt him back into the Octagon, not even if he was handed the chance to avenge those defeats to Liddell.

"Chuck got the better of me when we fought together, but there are guys he lost to that I beat. Styles make matches," Ortiz told ESPN.

"We were both great champions, but who defended the title most? That's what it comes down to.

"No, I've had my time. Our battles are behind us, it's time to mend fences and look to the future. There's no grudges, let bygones be bygones, and I've got my family to take care of now.

"My son Jacob says he wants to take after me, but he's got to get his Masters first. He can go to whatever school he wants, but he has to get his degree before he can compete.

"At 10 years old he's second in the State [at wrestling], he loves wrestling, but education is No. 1."

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