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Carwin aims KFC dig at Nelson in Twitter battle

ESPN staff
July 27, 2012
Shane Carwin will fight Roy Nelson in December © UFC

Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson engaged in a Twitter war on Thursday ahead of their forthcoming TUF 16 series, with both men questioning the respective morals of the opposing team.

Carwin and Nelson will be rival coaches for the 16th season of the reality show, which will culminate with the pair squaring off inside the Octagon.

Carwin began the verbal exchange when, after being asked by Nelson if he could pick his own coaches for the show, Carwin replied: "Yes but none of them are convicted criminals so you can see the difference."

Back came Nelson, referring to Chael Sonnen's recent guilty plea for money laundering when replying: "Who are we talking about? I haven't asked @sonnench yet but would love expertise on moving to the next level?"

Carwin was actually referring to sport nutritionist Victor Conte, who served time in prison in 2005, but Nelson explained he was going to be a guest of his team - not a coach.

The argument continued with Carwin telling Nelson: "Why not focus on people that will help your team? They might not be interested in being #average."

Nelson responded by referring to a list on which Carwin was named in 2010, as one of the supplied clients of J Michael Bennett, an Alabama pharmacist sentenced to four years for distribution. Despite being named, Carwin has never tested positive during his time in the UFC and has never been found of any wrongdoing.

Nevertheless, Nelson mocked: "Do you have a list? I found one but it was two years old."

Back fired Carwin: "Is that where you made the Kurt Angle connection? Wasn't he on the same list? Another coaching choice of yours. #Ignorant."

Nelson, who has considered bringing in Angle for help, replied: "Yes, he is a gold medallist Olympian in wrestling, and an entertainer, figure great help in our business. NO?

As the debate progressed, Nelson suggested that the pair bring their anticipated fight forward, proposing they try to get on the UFC 151 card. "Why wait till December? We can see if we can get on @ufc 151. Is this enough time to cycle off?" Nelson said.

"I am not on a bike, maybe you should get on one and get in shape," Carwin taunted, poking fun at Nelson's trademark belly.

Carwin then finished with another dig at Nelson's "out-of-shape" appearance, saying: "I am probably arguing with his wife or PR agent, they don't have wifi in KFC."

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