• UFC 152

Jon Jones: My record's better than Belfort's

ESPN staff
September 7, 2012
Jon Jones v Vitor Belfort

Jon Jones has promised a "magnificent display of mixed martial arts" when he fights Vitor Belfort at UFC 152, boldly claiming that his record is already better than the Phenom's.

Jones is preparing for his September 22 bout, which was arranged in haste after his initial title defence against Dan Henderson fell through. Belfort is stepping up from middleweight for the contest and is a huge underdog.

Belfort has been in with some of the biggest names to have ever graced the sport of MMA, beating the likes of Randy Couture and Wanderlei Silva. However, Jones claims his record already boasts more quality names than the Brazilian.

"Me and Vitor Belfort are from different generations of fighting. In my short career I already feel I've fought a lot of tougher opponents than he has. I feel like I have more championship calibre fights than he has," Jones said.

"Vitor's a boxer/jiu jitsu fighter, his versatility is not as good as mine, but where he lacks versatility he does have experience and physical strength.

"He's a winner, I'm a winner. He's a dominant guy, I believe that I dominate a lot of my competition. It's going to be a magnificent display of martial arts."

Jones is also fascinated to see how he gets on against another southpaw, having struggled with Lyoto Machida. The champ was clipped by Machida on more than one occasion in their title fight, and Belfort is not the type of man who needs many chances.

"I'm really excited to fight Vitor Belfort, mainly because he's a southpaw. The last time I fought a southpaw was Lyoto, and I got punched pretty good so I'm interested in doing a better job," Jones said.

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