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Maguire: Hathaway's going down

ESPN staff
September 27, 2012
John Maguire loves to take fights to the mat © Getty Images

John Maguire expects John Hathaway to look for a stand-up war in Saturday's all-British battle in Nottingham, but he promises that the fight will hit the mat at some stage this weekend.

Hathaway's prime strength is his wrestling in the welterweight division, while Maguire loves to baffle opponents with his grappling. It may, therefore, make sense for Hathaway to stay vertical and rely on his jab - as well as his knees.

"Him being tall and rangy, I looked at his last fight and he was striking a lot more," Maguire told ESPN of Hathaway's win over Pascal Krauss.

"He hurt the guy with knees when standing, so I think he'll keep it standing a lot more and use his range."

Should Hathaway come to stand and strike, it is believed he will likely control the fight unless Maguire can take it elsewhere. Not that Maguire is concerned.

"It wouldn't be a John Maguire fight if it didn't hit the mat at some point. I can guarantee it will hit the mat!" he promised.

Maguire's statistics so far from two UFC bouts make extremely impressive reading. He has landed more than 70 per cent of strikes, completed more than 70 per cent of takedowns, and stuffed every attempt from his opponents to take him down.

"I'm pretty impressed with those myself!" Maguire quipped when ESPN reminded him of his numbers. "But stats never last. I won't be relying on those this weekend."

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