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Anderson Silva won't jump into the Octagon at UFC 154

ESPN staff
November 12, 2012
Anderson Silva would have no problem with the UFC creating an interim middleweight title © Getty Images

Anderson Silva is adamant he will not jump into the Octagon to challenge Georges St-Pierre this weekend, despite the fact he will be present at UFC 154.

Silva sparked mass excitement when it was revealed he would be in Montreal for the welterweight title showdown between St-Pierre and Carlos Condit. It was widely predicted his presence could only be part of a potential staredown with GSP if the Canadian wins on Saturday.

However, while Silva is still determined to make St-Pierre his next opponent - in the biggest UFC superfight of all time - he insists there will be no picturebook moment at Bell Centre.

"I will go to Los Angeles and then I will go to Canada for UFC 154," Silva told GloboEsporte.com, translated by Fighters Only.

"I'm going to stay there to film an action movie that me and Lyoto [Machida] will participate in [along with Steven Seagal]. But it is not my character to step in there and call somebody out.

"So I think this won't happen. In fact, I don't just think, I am sure."

Silva's commitment to the St-Pierre superfight is evident though, with the middleweight champion insisting he would even be happy for the UFC to create an interim title while he dropped to a catchweight to meet St-Pierre.

"My focus is on the fight versus Georges St-Pierre," Silva said. "If the UFC wants to make an interim belt while I am away, it is up to them. I don't know if it will have any meaning but they can do whatever they want. I am in a comfort zone, so I am not concerned about it."

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