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Anderson wants GSP, will fight Jones if asked by UFC

ESPN staff
November 17, 2012
Anderson Silva called himself "the black Dana" © Getty Images

Anderson Silva addressed the media by labelling himself "the black Dana" on Saturday, and he confirmed he wants Georges St-Pierre as his next fight, followed by Jon Jones if forced to fight the light-heavyweight champion by the UFC.

Silva, who has two fights left on his current contract, is in Montreal for the UFC 154 main event between St-Pierre and Carlos Condit.

Asked if he was in town to challenge St-Pierre if the Canadian wins, Silva replied: "Maybe."

ESPN reported earlier in the day that Silva is targeting back-to-back fights with St-Pierre and Jones, and the question was put to the Brazilian on Saturday.

"My first goal is the Georges St-Pierre fight, the super fight. Jon Jones? Maybe. But this is not my decision. This is Dana's decision. I'm here to fight. This is for the UFC.

"Everybody said 'Anderson and GSP, Anderson and GSP'. Now everyone says 'Anderson and Jon Jones'. First Georges St-Pierre, then maybe Jon Jones."

Silva was in brilliantly elusive mood in front of the media, toying with them at times and maintaining his position as "the black Dana". He predicted St-Pierre would beat Condit in the night's main event, but was less glowing about GSP's chances against him.

"Georges has good jiu-jitsu and good stand-up, but I have more time inside the Octagon.

"Maybe have the superfight here or in Brazil. I talk to people all the time. Dana asked me for help, to come to Canada and go for the superfight. So I came."

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