• Georges St-Pierre v Anderson Silva

GSP tells Anderson Silva to get in line

ESPN staff
November 26, 2012
Georges St-Pierre was too strong for Carlos Condit © Getty Images

Georges St-Pierre has told Anderson Silva that he will only fight him when he is ready.

St-Pierre made a triumphant return from injury when getting the better of Carlos Condit at UFC 154 earlier in November. Following the fight, the talk was all about a meeting between St-Pierre and Silva.

A fight with Silva holds no terrors for St-Pierre, despite his potential opponent holding a sizeable weight advantage, but the Canadian claims he has things to do at welterweight before moving up.

"I want the fight, but I want to take it when I decide the time is right, not when he wants the fight to happen," St-Pierre told Tout Le Monde en Parle. "On top of that, he weighs 234lbs; I weigh 188. So there's a big weight difference.

"I've fought guys who were bigger - I'm not scared of him - it's just that I will take this fight when it makes sense for me. I just came back from an injury, there's money to be made, there are fights in my weight class, other challenges out there, and if I fight him, I will have to gain weight, while he will have to lose weight, and then afterwards, I won't be able to come back to my weight class.

"First and foremost, I have things to do at 170. When I am ready and when I want the fight, that's when it will happen."

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