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Rousey: Lots of sex before fights is key

ESPN staff
November 30, 2012
Ronda Rousey is the inaugural UFC women's bantamweight champion © ESPN.com

Ronda Rousey might just have won herself a few extra fans ahead of her UFC debut, by revealing that she has plenty of sex in the build-up to a fight in order to boost her testosterone level.

Strikeforce bantamweight champion Rousey recently signed with the UFC and is expected to be part of the first female bout for the promotion in 2013.

Highly talented as a mixed martial artist, with an undefeated 6-0 record, Rousey is tipped to become a star of the future given her media-friendly image and excellence inside the Octagon.

Proof of that popularity came with Wednesday's call to the Jim Rome show, a popular programme in the US. And Rousey did not waste her time in front of the camera, creating headlines with revelations about her pre-fight routine.

"For girls it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight actually," Rousey said.

"Not with like everybody, I don't put out like a Craigslist ad or anything, but if I've got a steady I'm going to be like, 'Yo, fight time's coming up.'"

Rousey, who is 25 years of age and a fourth dan black belt in Judo, also recalled a situation she had to sort out back in 2007, when she took on two men who confronted her at a movie theatre.

"I was only really handling two guys by myself," she said. "They sued me for assault because it didn't really go too well for them. Everyone in the theatre was cheering for me. I was thinking I might have a future in this. It was before the whole MMA thing."

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