Aldo's weight warning to Edgar

ESPN staff
January 29, 2013
Jose Aldo will put his title on the line next month © Getty Images

UFC champion Jose Aldo feels Frankie Edgar may struggle to be at his sharpest on account of dropping in weight for their featherweight clash at UFC 156.

Aldo feels he has found himself at featherweight and is confident of remaining champion for years to come.

He will put his title on the line against Edgar in Las Vegas on February 2 and has fired a warning to his opponent who is stepping down from lightweight to featherweight.

"One of the biggest challenges for Frankie is going to be making the weight," Aldo said in a UFC 156 promotional video. "The other big challenge he has to deal with is the speed and technique I have in this weight class.

"I expect to be champion for many more years. this is the weight where I've found myself."

Edgar has brushed off concerns that dropping down in weight will hamper him.

"I don't think I'm gonna be any weaker or any slower," he told UFC.com. "After making the weight, I'll probably come in at pretty much what I weigh at 155 (pounds).

"My speed will be the same, if not quicker, and strength-wise, pound-for-pound I think I'm a pretty strong guy."

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