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GSP: Do you think I'm scared? Are you crazy?

ESPN staff
March 15, 2013
GSP and Diaz get heated over hotel incident

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Georges St-Pierre shouted "Are you crazy?" as Nick Diaz claimed on Thursday that he intimidated the UFC welterweight champion in a hotel.

St-Pierre and Diaz have a long-running feud that will be settled this weekend in the UFC 158 main event. The champion labels Diaz "the most disrespectful fighter on the planet."

Their dispute dates as far back as 2011, after president Dana White recently revealed Diaz "chased Georges around the hotel and yelled at him. Georges thought he was going to try to fight him in the hotel."

Diaz, who fought BJ Penn that weekend, gave his side of the story at Thursday's press conference, saying: "First of all, he (St-Pierre) had no business being there, [at least] not on my side of the hotel. I'm gonna be working there, I'm gonna be in and out for need-be reasons.

"He comes out of an elevator, I stand my ground and he's gonna try and walk through me.

"He's not going to walk through me. I'm gonna stand there with a hard look on my face, he's going to edge his way along the wall to get by, and that's that."

St-Pierre, clearly annoyed at being painted as a character who backed away from a scrap, fired back: "Do you think I'm afraid of you? Do you really think I'm afraid of you? Are you crazy in your head?

"You'll see Saturday if I'm scared of you."

Diaz later accused St-Pierre of using steroids, a claim the champion strenuously rejected after a career of tests that have all come back negative.

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