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Diaz: No offence Georges, but you hit like a girl

ESPN staff
March 17, 2013
Nick Diaz tried to taunt Georges St-Pierre during the UFC 158 main event, which was won by GSP © Getty Images

Nick Diaz mocked Georges St-Pierre's punching power, asked for a rematch and began listing excuses for his defeat after UFC 158, but UFC president Dana White categorically ruled out the chance of a sequel to the main event.

Diaz was outclassed for five rounds by St-Pierre in Montreal, losing a unanimous 50-45 decision that saw him lash out after the bell in the third round - expressing pure frustration.

St-Pierre used his jab effectively and outwrestled the challenger, yet Diaz still opted to mock the champion in the post-fight press conference.

Turning to face the champion, Diaz said: "No offence, but this guy has no punching power, no offence." He also stated in a separate interview: "GSP hits like a girl."

"I wanted him to try to hurt me, to try to finish me. If you noticed, he didn't try to put me in side control or try to put in two hooks. Maybe he couldn't do it or maybe he just had a plan to shake me down, shake me down and hit me with small shots."

Johny Hendricks also drew the sting of Diaz, who was sitting right next to him at the press conference. "I don't think you won [against Carlos Condit]," Diaz said. "I hate that wrestling's so important".

Back to St-Pierre, and Diaz began listing a line of excuses for his defeat, claiming he did not have adequate training partners because Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez have fights coming up. He also blamed the travel and time difference, claiming he slept until a couple of hours before the fight.

"I was so confused," Diaz said. "I wish I had some kind of coach to tell me, 'you need to go to sleep dude.' I slept until 8pm, had a stomach issue and only really felt good when I stood across from him.

"The guy had five rounds and woke me up. Now I'm ready to fight. That's just how I feel."

Diaz said he wanted a rematch with St-Pierre, insisting he could beat him and Anderson Silva, but White quickly ruled out the first option.

"Diaz won't get a rematch. There's no doubt Johny Hendricks deserves the next shot," he said. "That fight was amazing tonight. I'm actually glad that it worked out that way. Those were the top guys to see who faces Georges St-Pierre. Johny Hendricks deserves it.

"I don't think Nick Diaz should retire. But I'm not the guy who makes the decision. If you want to retire, this isn't like any other sport in the world. If your head's not into it, you probably should retire."

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