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Zahabi: GSP will end career after Anderson Silva fight

ESPN staff
March 30, 2013

Georges St-Pierre's trainer, Firas Zahabi, claims a super-fight with Anderson Silva is likely to act as the final chapter in the Canadian's illustrious career.

St-Pierre has dominated the UFC welterweight division for years, chalking up his 11th straight win at UFC 158 against Nick Diaz. He has not lost since April 2007, and you have to go back to October 2004 for his other career setback.

Silva has been just as dominant at middleweight, winning all 16 of his UFC bouts at 185lbs and 205lbs. He is viewed as the best on the planet, although he and St-Pierre have always been linked to a showdown for the tag of world's greatest.

So far St-Pierre has seemed more hesitant than Silva to a potential super-fight, but Zahabi believes the Canadian's career is coming to a close. He recently predicted GSP may only fight two or three more times.

Zahabi also expressed his belief that the Silva showdown will happen, and that it will be St-Pierre's last fight. If he is proved correct, it is likely GSP will meet Johny Hendricks next and then consider the Silva encounter.

"It's not a one-sided decision," Zahabi told Sherdog Radio. "The UFC is going to have to obviously tell us what they want to do. I think Georges would do either fight, to be honest with you.

"If he fights Hendricks, I think [St-Pierre] could fight for longer. He could have more fights after that.

"If he fights Anderson Silva, I could really see that being his last fight. He'll retire after that because there won't be a bigger fight for him to do, I think, anymore in his career.

"Win or lose, I think he'll probably end on that note, on Anderson Silva. Maybe that's why it's been pushed back a little bit, but I think when it does happen, it'll be the last one because once he goes up a weight class, he's never coming back down."

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