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Aldo retains title with Jung TKO

August 4, 2013
Jose Aldo dominated his Chan Sung Jung from the off © Getty Images

Featherweight champion Jose Aldo was expected to retain his title Saturday night against Chan Sung Jung. And he did, beating "The Korean Zombie" by fourth-round TKO at UFC 163 in Rio de Janeiro.

What wasn't expected was the method Aldo used to get the job done. Aldo threw one leg kick in the first round -- and none afterward -- en route to victory.

The end came when Jung suffered a separated right shoulder during an exchange of punches.

"I did see that he had separated his shoulder and kicked him and put him on his back," Aldo said.

Kicks to the thigh of his opponents have been a trademark in just about all of Aldo's fights. But not against Jung, who stood in front of the champion throughout the fight.

Regardless, Aldo controlled the action from the opening round, almost exclusively using stiff left jabs to catch Jung on the chin and head movement to avoid damage. Once in a while Aldo would deliver a left-right combination to the body.

But the biggest discrepancy between the fighters was Aldo's speed. He possessed the faster hands and feet. His reflexes also came into play a few times in the bout.

In the third round, Aldo ducked under a Jung right hand and tossed him to the canvas. On the ground, Aldo landed some hard right hands to the body.

When Aldo returned to his corner, he was admonished by his handlers not to fight that way again. And he listened, returning to his striking game in the fourth.

"I saw that it was a tough decision so I thought if I could take him down and put him on his back I would be able to win the round," Aldo said.

During an exchange, Jung threw a right hand that missed. As Aldo delivered a left, his arm got caught under Jung's and lifted it up. That's when Jung's right shoulder was separated.

Jung tried popping his shoulder back into place, but was unable to and Aldo lifted him up, tossed him to the canvas and began punching. With Jung no longer able to defend himself, referee Herb Dean jumped in and stopped the fight at the 2-minute mark.

It was the fifth successful UFC title defense for Aldo, who improves to 23-1. He is currently the third-ranked mixed martial artist on the ESPN.com pound-for-pound list.

Jung drops to 13-4.

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