Condit cuts down Kampmann in four

Josh Gross | ESPN.com
August 28, 2013
Carlos Condit on his way to a fourth-round TKO over Martin Kampmann © Getty Images

Four years after suffering a split-decision loss in his UFC debut to Martin Kampmann, perennial welterweight contender Carlos Condit earned a measure of revenge Wednesday evening thanks to a decisive fourth-round technical knockout. The victory in Indianapolis, 54 seconds into the fourth round, marked the 27th time in 29 fights that Condit won by stoppage.

Similar to the first contest, Condit faced an opponent intent on wrestling him. Kampmann, 31, was successful early on as he planted Condit on the floor multiple times. Kampmann never hurt Condit from top position, but any thought of a slow start for the Danish welterweight, a typical criticism of his performances, disappeared early.

Perhaps his effort was too taxing, because after the opening round, Kampmann (20-7) failed to execute any meaningful offense. "Martin's a really well-rounded fighter," Condit said after the win. "He can take the fight wherever he wants, so we saw he was going to try and make it a grappling match. We tried to avoid that, and I was able to pick him apart with strikes."

Condit mixed movement with striking and counter grappling, and by the close of Round 2, he had regained momentum. He slipped strikes well, countering as windows opened, and Kampmann soon took more than he gave. As action headed to the third, Kampmann's face wore signs of Condit's effectiveness.

The third period reflected Condit's work in Round 2, as he made a mess of Kampmann's face, particularly after a short elbow opened a vertical cut near Kampmann's right eyebrow. With each passing minute, Condit, who kept strategic but effectively aggressive pace, increased his power and pressure. At the end of Round 3, Condit attempted an impromptu standing choke that forced Kampmann to defend by rolling to the floor. Condit seized back control and nearly finished the bout with a chokehold.

Kampmann, now in desperation mode, moved forward at the start of the fourth period. Condit, however, stood his ground, planting and peppering Kampmann with power shots. A kick to the body followed by alternating hooks to the head sent Kampmann reeling. Condit moved forward and unleashed a hook to the body that made Kampmann's hands fall, and Condit closed in with knees before referee Herb Dean called the contest.

Condit (29-7) said he'd like a title shot but conceded there were many interesting opponents to be had right now in the welterweight division.

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