Bisping feels for Daley, promises to club Anderson Silva

ESPN staff
May 24, 2010
Michael Bisping insists UK fighters don't have a problem with wrestling

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Michael Bisping has delivered his views on the two most recent UFC controversies, and he promised he would stick one on Anderson Silva's chin if the Brazilian ever tried to mock him.

Bisping has seen the UFC called into some disrepute during its past two events, with Anderson Silva refusing to engage with Demian Maia at UFC 112, and then Paul Daley striking Josh Koscheck after the bell at UFC 113.

As the original face of the UFC in England, Bisping has spent a large part of his career attempting to spread MMA to the masses, so he has more right than most to comment on those who threaten to ruin his hard work. And the Britain's message to Silva was quite simply: "Don't try that **** with me!"

"I think everyone wants to fight Anderson Silva off the back of the Demian Maia fight - I want to fight him after that!" Bisping told ESPN.co.uk.

"If he tried that s**t with me he'd get a toe-punt right on the chin!

"I couldn't understand it. I suppose it was a bit disrespectful to start with and, to be honest, I thought Demian Maia won the last two rounds. When it came to the decision I wasn't sure, you're never sure, Demian might have stolen it."

As for Daley, the consequences of his actions were greater after the UFC decided to cut the welterweight, with Dana White promising never to allow him back. Bisping admits he was surprised by the strict actions of White, but he concedes Daley left himself no defence.

"It's a shame for Paul, I've known Paul a long time and grown up on the UK scene with him. I like Paul, he's a great fighter and I don't want to say I feel sorry for him, but I do.

"I know what he had at his fingertips. It seems a bit harsh to cut him but it was bad timing after what happened with Strikeforce and with the UFC trying to get sanctioned all across Canada. It was the worst timing possible.

"And you just can't do what he did. I've spent years trying to convince people we're not thugs, and you can't behave like that. I must admit, when I saw it I thought 'that's not good', but I didn't think they'd cut him. But that's the UFC's call, not mine."

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