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Rashad Evans is a 'coward' claims Rampage Jackson

ESPN staff
May 25, 2010
Rampage Jackson does not expect Rashad Evans to stand toe-to-toe

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Rashad Evans is a "coward". That is the opinion of Rampage Jackson ahead of their blockbuster light-heavyweight showdown at UFC 114.

Evans and Jackson have been trading insults prior to their clash in Las Vegas, developing an already bitter relationship that festered during season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter. Both men have lost only once in the UFC, and both men have one-punch knockout power.

Evans has looked 'chinny' in recent fights, losing to Lyoto Machida by knockout and then getting wobbled at the end of his victory over Thiago Silva, and Rampage anticipates that the Greg Jackson Submissions man will have no interest in standing when the pair clash on May 29.

"I don't hate anybody. I might not like someone, but I'm a child of God. I just really don't like this guy," Rampage told ESPN.co.uk.

"It's a given that he will try to wrestle with me. I expect him to come out and try to do something stupid like kick my leg, like Forrest did. Or get me to come towards him so he can take me down.

"I don't think he will fight me like a man, toe-to-toe, like he says he's gonna do. Why should he? He's a coward. In every one of his fights, he fights like a coward.

"I don't expect him to turn into a man for this fight. He's a coward.

"He fought a guy with no wrestling in Thiago Silva, and as soon as the guy touched him his legs went all like rubber. He fought Thiago Silva like a coward. I hit harder than Thiago Silva."

General theory is that Rampage will win it unless Evans can take the fight horizontal, but Jackson disagrees. After taking Fight of the Night honours against Evans' team-mate Keith Jardine in his last outing, Rampage insists he can take the fight wherever he wants to.

"If he thinks I'm one dimensional, he's got another thing coming. People don't realise it. I do what I want to do in a fight. If I want to box somebody, I'll do it. Back in the day I was slamming everybody, and I was having a lot of fun doing it. Now I wanna knock people out.

"Just let it be known that I want to destroy him, I want to punish him."

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