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Cormier and Cummins in scuffle ahead of showdown

February 21, 2014
Daniel Cormier shoved Patrick Cummins during their staredown © Getty Images

Pre-fight scuffles between UFC opponents are rare, but they can happen.

Daniel Cormier (13-0) shoved Patrick Cummins (4-0) during a staredown on Thursday, presumably due to Cummins' comments on their history.

The two former amateur wrestlers trained together years ago at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cummins, who accepted the fight on short notice after an injury sidelined Rashad Evans, claims to have made Cormier cry once at practice.

The UFC has never lost a fight due to an incident at a weigh-in or news conference, but it was easy to read the uneasiness on White's face as the shove happened.

"I don't like it. I don't like when they touch each other before fights," White said.

"The one that scared me the most was Diego Sanchez/Josh Kosheck [at UFC 69]. Sanchez hit him so hard he almost fell over the scale. The sneakiest one ever was Anderson Silva when he hit Chael Sonnen [at UFC 148]."

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