Jones and Cormier regret 'silly' brawl

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August 7, 2014
Jones, Cormier brawl at press conference

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier say they regret their "silly" brawl at the MGM Grand Hotel on Monday but admitted they would be prepared to do it again.

The two men were in Las Vegas to promote their UFC 178 light heavyweight title fight on September 27 and came to blows during a stare-down photo opportunity.

During another publicity appearance at a club in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Jones and Cormier kept it civil as they sat on opposite sides of a stage with police officers present.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier were separated before coming to blows © Getty Images

"The whole situation was silly, and I think I reacted inappropriately," said Jones, the UFC's 205-pound champion. "I think I turned a lot of fans off. I think I turned a ton of fans on."

Jones and Cormier are likely to face disciplinary action from the UFC as well as the Nevada Athletic Commission.

"I do believe we have to carry ourselves more respectfully," Cormier said. "MMA is a very new sport, and when we behave the way we did, it's easy to say it's just a sport filled with thugs."

The brawl started when Jones put his forehead onto Cormier's head. Cormier reacted by shoving Jones by the neck before Jones threw a punch with the fighters falling off the makeshift stage into a crowd of fans and UFC employees.

The two continued kicking and punching each other before eventually being separated.

However, Jones said the brawl was all part of the "mental warfare" that takes place before any MMA fight.

"If Daniel could touch me like that and me not do anything, I think it would have given him a false sense of confidence," Jones said. "I needed to let him know that I am not on the defence. I am the lion. I am the aggressor. I am the one that's on the attack. You're just not going to do that to me."

"I felt his strength there," Jones added. "He really isn't that strong."

Cormier also admitted that the incident brought back memories from his childhood in Louisiana when he was bullied.

"I can defend myself now," Cormier said. "I'm never allowing anyone to dominate me again."

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