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Zelaznik admits the Coliseum is the UFC's dream venue

ESPN staff
October 5, 2010
Marshall Zelaznik is a huge fan of Jon Jones © UFC

Marshall Zelaznik is excited by the prospect of returning to London's O2 Arena in two weeks' time for UFC 120, but he admits his dream venue for a UFC event would be the Coliseum in Rome.

Responding to a quick-fire ten questions from ESPN, Zelaznik revealed he would love to stage a UFC supercard at the famous gladiatorial landmark. The likelihood is that the dream will never become reality, although the UFC UK president revealed there could be the possibility of using the Coliseum as a backdrop.

Read below for Zelaznik's thoughts on Jon Jones, Josh Koscheck, BJ Penn, and the possibility of a fight between himself and Dana White...

Favourite fighter
"Jon Jones, although don't tell [Michael] Bisping! Hold on, let me backtrack and be more political about this! As a fan, I'm hugely interested to see how Jon Jones progresses, but I have a lot of faith in all the fighters!"

Favourite fight
"That's definitely got to be the Matt Hughes v Frank Trigg II fight, when Matt is on the verge of being choked out, but somehow flips out of it, reverses it, picks Frank up and tears him to the other side of the Octagon, slams him and then chokes him out. I still get chills when I think about that fight. It was epic. That moment when Matt gets out of the choke, I always want people to understand how significant that moment was."

Match-up you'd most like to see
"I'm not gonna touch that one!"

What annoys you most about your job?
"This is going to sound like a cliché, but there's never enough time to get everything done. There's never enough hours in the day."

Zelaznik would rather face Brock Lesnar than Chuck Liddell © UFC

Who would you rather share an Octagon with out of Brock Lesnar and Chuck Liddell?
"I think I'm going with Brock. Getting outwrestled and pummelled is probably preferable to being completely destroyed on my feet where all the pain leverage comes from. I could just do the 'total collapse' with Brock, where I can just collapse and let the ref stop it! Whereas I don't think I'd get the chance with Chuck. I've patented the total collapse by the way."

What would be your dream venue for a UFC event?
"The Coliseum in Rome. That'd be cool. I don't think we could actually use the Coliseum itself, but there's a space adjacent to it where you could build a temporary outdoor arena like we did in Abu Dhabi. That's been mentioned to us as we look into options in Italy, I think that'd be cool."

If you could put on one fight for the British crowd, what would it be?
"Me versus Joe Silva!"

Have you ever felt like stepping into the ring with Dana White?
"He may have felt like it with me back in the days when we sat on opposite sides of the negotiating table. It's not my game, I'm a lover, not a fighter."

Who's the most naturally gifted fighter you've ever watched?
"I don't think I have the necessary credentials to judge, but everyone always tells me BJ Penn has got it all. They say he's a phenomenon, so I'll probably go with that."

And finally... Josh Koscheck, love or loathe?
"I actually like Josh Koscheck. Do I have to say love? Like man-love?! He's fascinating, I met him after he came off the Ultimate Fighter and I found him really engaging. I like his swagger, I like the way he handles his confidence and I think that's what you want in an athlete. So I guess I'll have to say I love him!

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