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Pyle adamant nobody can stop him at 170

ESPN staff
October 16, 2010
Nobody stops me - Pyle

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Mike Pyle has responded to an anonymous claim that he would beat Georges St-Pierre in a behind-close-doors fight, insisting: "If I get to the level I produce in the gym, nobody beats me".

Pyle represents an extremely difficult challenge for John Hathaway at UFC 120 this weekend, with the risks outweighing the rewards for the British fighter. To the casual MMA fan, Hathaway's last opponent Diego Sanchez is the bigger name, yet Pyle is considered among most fighters to be the more dangerous opponent.

The major hindrance for Pyle is his mental ability to cope with the pressures of performing in the UFC Octagon, a problem he willingly admits he has to overcome. Such is the grappler's calibre that ESPN was recently told that Pyle would beat GSP if he fought him in the gym, and Pyle does not disagree.

"It's taken me a little while to feel at home in the UFC," revealed the American. "This is the biggest show, this is the only show to fight on. This is it, when you're in the UFC, you want to hold onto that spot. You want to climb that ladder, you want to do good, and there's pressure off of that.

"It's something I wasn't used to. But I'm becoming more comfortable, in my last fight I felt more at home. I'm getting more comfortable, and when I'm comfortable I'm dangerous. If I get to that level that I produce in the gym, nobody stops me."

Pyle labelled Hathaway an 'overhyped London kid who is just out of High School' in a recent interview, and he explained his words were based on the fact that the Briton has chalked up three straight decisions by implementing his secure wrestling game.

"When you just win decisions, it's alright, but I like to see finishes. That's what I mean by overhyped. I hate going to a decision," said Pyle. "I don't know if you've seen any of my fights, but I've finished a lot of my fights off my back. I'm comfortable off my back, I have a good guard for MMA; anywhere that I'm put, I don't feel that I'll be in danger. I mean, it's a fight, you're always in danger, but I don't feel uncomfortable."

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