Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of qualifying for the U.S Grand Prix. Will we? Won't we? We'll find out in just over ten minutes.

The weather is better than it was yesterday afternoon, though it is still raining. These are the still conditions that FP3 was held in yesterday, so that could be a good sign.

Still some big puddles around the track, though, and that is going to be a big worry for Charlie Whiting and the race stewards this morning.

The safety car is out there for an exploratory lap. Talk in the paddock is that session will be scrapped altogether if there is no running before 10:00am local time.

Remarkably, Pirelli suggests the weather might improve enough later on today for some slicks!

Looks like we're going ahead! Wet tyres until the FIA state otherwise.

The drivers are all in the cockpits ready to go.

The Lotus drivers the first to the end of the pit lane. Here we go! Q1 about to start.

Lots of cars heading out there straight away. Mercedes radio has Bonnington telling Hamilton to go out and get an early lap on the board. The issue here in these sort of weather conditions is that the weather can deteriorate at any moment.

"Conditions are really limited," Grosjean tells Lotus. Traffic and spray are going to be an issue.

One of the Red Bull comes slipping and sliding through the final corner and has Rosberg and another car very close for company. Hard to identify who in the spray! It looks like Sainz.

The teams believe these first ten minutes will be the best for a time. Could be some big, big upsets in store. All 20 cars out on track.

I assume if they can't go past Q1 they have to take the times from this session.

"It's very dark here, but, okay..." Raikkonen tells Ferrari.

Times starting to be set now and the first four men across the line go top.

Hamilton goes 2.8s faster than anyone else! Kvyat second with a 2:02.393.

Ricciardo moves into second, eight tenths down on Hamilton.

Carlos Sainz is in the gravel! Red flag. Looks like he's gone off at the start of the Esses.

Button had just moved into sixth before that red flag fell.

Sainz is off where Rosberg spun off the track during FP3 yesterday.

Replays shows almost a carbon copy to Rosberg's off yesterday - albeit with a much heavier impact with the Tec-Pro barriers. Sainz apologises to the team and confirms he's OK.

That's an even bigger problem for Toro Rosso than it would be normally with a few hours turnaround until qualifying.

The other Toro Rosso of Verstappen is fourth in the wet.

The rain is expected to get worse in the next five minutes. Marshals still trying to recover Sainz's car but there's going to be an almighty scramble to get out there when this one goes green again.

Replays show Carlos Sainz Sr reacting angrily to his son's crash. There was a really good grid position up for grabs here this morning.

The clock has stopped at 12:46.

The red flag has gone from the clock. Lots of cars in the pit lane behind Raikkonen waiting for the clock to start ticking.

Rainfall quite light at the moment, so doesn't look like its going to worsen any time soon> Doesn't look like Hamilton has made it out there just yet ... Rosberg one of the first cars in the queue.

Clock is ticking again.

Williams tells Massa the first lap will be crucial. More rain expected any moment now.

Raikkonen starts the first timed lap since the restart.

Hamilton is out on track and Mercedes telling him heavier rain is expected in two minutes. Hamilton replies the track feels better already. Rosberg's just gone purple in the first sector.

The track certainly looks a lot better at the moment, though still a lot of standing water in places.

Raikkonen moves up to fifth, still three seconds off Hamilton's original time.

Rosberg goes four tenths slower than Hamilton for second. Vettel slots into fourth. Perez goes seventh with his first lap time.

Alonso up to eighth.

Hamilton absolutely in his element out there. He goes purple in all three sectors and crosses in a 1:58.025. That's 1.8s quicker than Rosberg. Mega.

Kvyat moves into P2, before Ricciardo immediately jumps ahead of his Red Bull team-mate - he's just a tenth down on Hamilton!

I doubt you'll see anyone returning to the pits any time soon. Cars will be getting quicker and quicker and that Ricciardo lap proves there's some more time out there.

Hulkenberg, who looked great in FP3, goes fifth.

Bottas has two Saubers right behind him as the cars vye for track position.

Button is up in tenth, Alonso has dropped to 14th. Current drop zone Ericsson, Nasr, Rossi, Sainz (who is out of the session) and Stevens.

Vettel has gone off track and touched the wall somewhere.

Now Rosberg gets in on the game with a great lap of his own, a 1:57.025 to go half a second faster than Hamilton.

Replays show Vettel losing it at the Turn 10 kink.

Hamilton goes purple through the first sector but gets stuck behind Nasr in the middle sector and bails out of the lap.

Ericsson slides through Turn 18 in the other Sauber. Well controlled by the driver to keep that car under control.

Ricciardo goes quickest by three tenths!

Raikkonen climbs to fourth. Hamilton goes purple again in the first sector.

Rosberg matches Hamilton's first sector.

Rosberg asking why he's going for another timed lap and Mercedes tells him this could be the only session.

Hamilton re-claims P1 by two tenths.... 1:56.871.

Vettel currently in the pits after sustaining that damage earlier and is dropping down the order. He's currently 11th....

Vettel still has to serve a 10-place penalty, remember.

Rosberg appears to have bailed out of his last attempt. Twenty seconds left in this session so we'll see a last flurry of laps.

Great on board with Maldonado, just nursing the car through the final sector with little stabs of the steering wheel. Maldonado goes 12th to push Vettel down further...

Alonso moves into 9th! Vettel now 14th...

Massa goes ahead of Vettel! Just one more place until the Ferrari man is in the drop zone.

Nasr can't improve on P17! A sigh of relief all round at Ferrari as their man just scrapes through to Q1.

Ricciardo goes quickest overall with a 1:56.495.

Rosberg improves enough to go ahead of Hamilton by two tenths.

Nasr reporting no rear grip in his Sauber. Gotta feel for Nasr, he gave his car up to Marciello in FP1 and has had almost no running at the track until this morning.

Dropping out of that session - Ericsson, Nasr, Rossi, Stevens and Sainz.

Sainz walks through the paddock and almost into the wrong hospitality unit, realising he's at the door of Manor's tent. Not the best morning for the young Spaniard.

The weather looks like its improved enough for us to have Q2.

Rain is still coming down but Kvyat reports the track is getting better.

Vettel the first man to the end of the pit lane ahead of Q2. Strong result here crucial with that penalty due to be served.

The clock starts ticking again and Q2 is underway. Doesn't seem Vettel's Ferrari picked up any significant damage from that off in Q1. He was a lucky boy not to drop out of that session.

Ricciardo looked fantastic in that opening session. Is a maiden career pole position there for the taking this morning?

On exit from the pits Ferrari told Vettel the weather should stay how it is currently.

Mercedes, however, expect rain to increase in next few minutes. Rosberg on a used set of wet tyres.

Mixed messages about the weather. Force India telling Hulkenberg heavy rain should start any minute now.

Vettel's first time on the board a 1:59.757.

Raikkonen replaces his team-mate at the top of the timing screens by just 0.05s.

Rosberg goes P1 with a 1:56.824. Hamilton seven tenths down.

Hulkenberg and Button spin at Turn 10.

Ricciardo climbs to P3, albeit 1.6s down on Rosberg's benchmark. Vettel improves on his last time to go fourth.

Hamilton goes purple in the final two sectors but can't move ahead of Rosberg - he's still one tenth down. Rosberg has upped his game big time this morning. That headline time set on a scrubbed set of wet tyres, too.

Hulkenberg, who spun earlier, moves into sixth behind team-mate Perez.

Alonso goes P10 for McLaren. Rain intensifying at the final corner.

Replays showing Kvyat shaking through Turn 10 and then Raikkonen spinning through the same part of the track. Looks like there's a lot of water around that area. Raikkonen saying there's lots of aquaplaning.

Bottas can't move out of the drop zone, his latest time moving him into 11th.

Bottas, Grosjean, Button, Maldonado and Kvyat currently in the drop zone.

Ricciardo shaves another tenth off his time to strengthen his grip on third.

Hamilton the latest driver to go 360 degrees at Turn 10.

We're into the final four minutes.

The track looks to have got a lot worse in the past few minutes.

Before it did, however, Kvyat escaped the drop zone to go fourth. Alonso has dropped into the bottom five.

The Mercedes drivers have a second each in hand and return to the pits. Most others staying out for the final two minutes.

"Okay, it's very dangerous out here guys," Kvyat tells Red Bull.

Vettel tells Ferrari these are red flag conditions. This could be the final grid right here.

Chequered flag drops and Alonso, Bottas, Grosjean, Button and Maldonado drop out of Q2.

The safety car is back out there. Race control reiterates that intermediates may not be used until further notice.

So this current delay is so Charlie Whiting can assess whether to start Q3 enough.

Race control confirms Q3 will be delayed by 10 minutes.

Replays showing both Mercedes cars pulling out before frantic messages to stop when the session was delayed. They wanted to be the first cars at the end of the pit lane.

There is a truck on track blowing standing water off the surface.

Jenson Button tells Sky "someone will have an almighty shunt" if they start Q3 now.

Sounds like Bottas had a rear suspension failure at the end of Q2, which prevented him from improving on 11th.

Race control confirms Q3 will not take place.

That means its another pole position for Nico Rosberg. Seems a sensible decision from race control. The track has got to a situation where its just not safe for the cars to go out there.

Safety car start if its still like this in the afternoon? Could be.

Please be sure to join us in a few hours for what proves to be a very uncertain race.