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IndyCar offers $5m prize to outsiders at season-finale

ESPNF1 Staff
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Who wouldn't be tempted by million and the thrills and spills of Las Vegas © Getty Images

The IndyCar Series will offer up a $5 million prize fund to any driver from outside the championship who enters and wins the season finale at Las Vegas.

The money could lure drivers from other series for a one-off race at the oval circuit on October 16, if they think they can beat the regulars at their own game.

"A very important element of our sport is that these are the best, fastest, versatile race car drivers in the world," IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard said. "Well, we're here to put our money where our mouth is. If any race car driver outside IndyCar can win the Vegas race, we will give you $5m. We'll accept five entries for this challenge, with entrants being determined by mid-summer."

Bernard said he is hoping to attract some big names to put in front of a selection committee, which will place the drivers in five extra cockpits.

"There's some pretty big steps in there," added Bernard. "But we're looking for the best drivers in the world and the selection committee's not going to let [just] anybody have an opportunity to race against the best drivers in the world,"

The chance of a current F1 driver taking part is extremely slim due to the Korean Grand Prix taking place on the same day and contractual restrictions. An entry from NASCAR, such as Juan Pablo Montoya, is more likely as the Charlotte round of the stock car series wraps up the night before.