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Barrichello slams Williams' internal politics

ESPNF1 Staff
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Rubens Barrichello: 'Williams need to work as a family not too much of trying to keep it for themselves and then going to the press' © Sutton Images

In what has been a very difficult week for the already troubled Williams team, Rubens Barrichello has said some of the difficulties are as a result of key staff being overworked, and he also hit out at the lack of clarity within the outfit.

On Tuesday the team announced technical director Sam Michael and chief aerodynamicist Jon Tomlinson would be standing down at the end of the season. It also revealed former McLaren chief engineer Mike Coughlan, who was banned from the sport for two years for his involvement in the Spygate scandal, would be joining it in June, and that co-founder Patrick Head would be retiring.

Barrichello said he was saddened at Michael's departure, claiming he had been asked to do far too much work for one man.

"I was sorry to see the announcement," he told reporters in Turkey. "I've been working with him since the Jordan days and was happy to reunite with him in Williams. I think Williams need changes, obviously.

"There are too many people doing too many jobs right now. [Michael] is doing five or six jobs, so he's overloaded and at the end of the day it's too much for a single human being and he ends up doing half of his capability on his own job because he is doing other things."

Barrichello went on to say he had been asked to give input on Michael's role, but added he was disappointed his views weren't sought on the wider changes. "The rest I got to know through the press, which I would have like to get consulted on as well.

"That's something that needs change: Williams need to work as a family not too much of trying to keep it for themselves and then going to the press. We need to work a little bit more on how we approach things.

But with this season lurching from bad to worse, Barrichello agreed the team had no choice but to make changes, even if they are unlikely to make much of a difference before 2012.

"I'm all up for it," he said. "Unfortunately there's too many changes and it might take some time before the car is really, really good."